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We've Renovated!

We've Renovated!
April 1, 2022


Our ongoing renovation project is now complete. We are so excited! 

The renovated facility allows our team to continue to provide high-quality care to your pets. We now have a dedicated cat ward, separate treatment areas for patient comfort, a surgical area, and an all-around better use of space. 

Brookeville Animal Hospital has undergone many changes since it opened in 1983. Dr. Joseph Johnson opened the practice in a small, Cape Cod, single-family home in rural Brookeville, Maryland. Dr. Marcie Engel took leadership of Brookeville Animal Hospital in 1998 and the practice team has steadily grown along with the facility itself. This renovation project is a long-awaited update that allows us to provide exceptional care to your pets and we are so excited to welcome you to our upgraded space.

Take a sneak peek at some of our renovations below!


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